Thank you and welcome.  Our online Consultation Form is designed as a detailed fact finding resource for your ideas and vision for your wedding day. If you know what style, theme and look you are wanting to achieve than this is an ideal way to plan.  If however, you are struggling with what style of bouquet you would like or need help choosing a suitable table design along with other details, then a face to face consultation is suggested as you will have access to our styling and creative insights along with our professional recommendations to capture the look and theme for your day.

Please allow yourself about 15-20 minutes to complete.  Once submitted, we will phone or email you to let you know we have received all your information and maybe just clarify one or two things.  At the end, we ask you to email us any images or inspirations you have for your day, without these it does make it harder to give you a comprehensive quote.

If you would prefer to have a face to face consultation, please email us a

A face to face consultation cost $100 and $50 of this is reimbursed if you choose Copper Beech to create your wedding flowers for your day.


In particular, images of your Bridal Bouquet, styling/theme and tables or ceremony flowers.
Your name? *
Your name?
Your partners name?
Your partners name?
ok, you're doing well - that's all the basic info. Now we can talk about the feel and theme you would like us to create for your wedding day + also tell us about your dress and bouquet inspirations
if there are some questions you can't answer at this stage . thats fine, but please try and answer as much as you can for us
Here you can tell us the sort of mood/theme you would like to have on your day *
Let us know what colour inspires you for your day
Lets talk priority with flowers - What identifies with you the most *
Your Flowers
Your bouquet *
Tell us what sort of style of flowers you were thinking of having.
Size *
Hair flowers? *
Flower crowns are very popular right now. Thick and chunky or whimsical and boho, the choice is yours
Would you like a throw-away posy *
Throw away posy is generally a small/medium cluster of similar blooms/colours to your wedding bouquet. It is supplied in a water vessel and placed at the reception venue ready for you to throw to the lucky next girl :)
Flowers for your Bridesmaids and OR Flowergirl
Would you like the same style of bouquet for your bridesmaids as you have for yourself?
It is popular to have the same style of bouquet for your bridesmaids but maybe just slightly smaller in size.
Flowers for your bridesmaids *
Tell us what sort of style of flowers you were thinking of having.
Size *
Tell us if you have any ideas for your flower girl e.g.: mini bouquet, basket of blooms or pommander
Groom and Groomsmen
What type of flower(s) did you have in mind for your Groom. Also include colour
WOW, you're doing really well now... We know it's a lot of information to tell us with a lot of detail but it will be worth it .. we promise. you are nearly there...
Now we are going to talk about the ceremony and reception venue requirements
In your own words, tell us why you chose your ceremony location. Was it recommended to you or does it have some sentimental attachment. Flowers can play a vital role in creating an intimate and passionate feeling at your ceremony
If in a church, park or beach, feature arrangement at the entrance set the scene
Depending on how many rows of chairs you are having, pew flowers can be on every row or every second row generally for the first 3 or 4 rows at a minimum
What sort of display would you like on the pew ends
Tell us your preference of white rose petals or 1 colour or multi coloured petals
It is generally just a small vase or jar of blooms
Would you like flower arrangements for the alter
Alter arrangements are placed on both sides of the Alter. They can be flat backed or 3/4's round. Generally quite substantial in size. They stand on a plinth (which can be hired) or some venues supply theses and churches generally supply these. We can liase with your venue to clarify. We can also re locate these arrangements to be used again at the reception.
If so, who are you hiring this from. We can arrange for you if needed. What style is the arch?
Would you like us to decorate the arch with flowers?
Candle Lanterns, Candles, Breakout area (lounges) Beverage station, Lolly Bar, Paper parasol (umbrellas) Props for a vintage look,
now we are onto the reception - how are you feeling? its good to get it all down on paper
Are you having a sit down wedding or cocktail stand up style *
The bridal table *
What shape is the bridal table
Flowers for the bridal table
The Copper Beech signature foliage overlay, lace runner, copper tea lights and copper geometric vessels look is very popular right now for long tables. Also overhead hanging garden foliages with accents of string copper fairy lights and hanging glass baubles. Other alternatives are available as listed below
Guests tables
What shape are the guests tables?
Flowers for the guests table
The signature Copper Beech, Copper/boho look is working beautifully on guests table right now. It's fresh and inviting for your guests. Other options are available but remember that people need to talk over the flowers, so something either below chest height or above head height works well
We have available for hire - Dream catchers, Feathers, Fairy lights, Pillar candles, Copper Geometrics, Copper Pots and tea light votives, Candle lanterns, Lace table runners, Terrariums, Hanging tea lights and more.
So close :) Now we just have to talk about the delivery and installation of your beautiful flowers.
Just include the suburb at the moment
Again, just include the suburb at the moment
This can be a simple way to save money, we can supply a friend or family member with the list of hired items to be picked up from the venue(s). All hired items need to be returned with-in 3 days. Please note that all breakages must be paid for.
Lastly, this is the hardest question to ask, but we feel it is necessary. What budget did you have in mind for your flowers *

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill in the online consultation form and giving Copper Beech the opportunity to quote for your wedding.  We will endeavour to have a detailed quote to you within 7 days.

 In the meantime if you have any images that help us with your vision, please email them to

We look forward to hearing from you.  

With warm regards Debbie Braund and Briohney Anderson