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Unique Weddings

The wedding industry is large and diverse and has many variables.  When two people decide to unite in love and become a couple, creating the most amazing and wonderful special day to be remembered is something dreams are made of.

“When my husband and I were first engaged, I knew, that when planning our day, it was going to be a simple, relaxed, coastal experience.” Says Briohney Anderson from Copper Beech.  “The ceremony location, style, feel and of course the flowers were all elements I wanted to be perfect, I found it was a way of expressing myself, my taste and my love of coastal elegance.”

 “Being a Florist, in the wedding industry enabled me to know where and how this amazing day was going to unfold but getting the finer details right was still an immense task, yet rewarding achievement.“ 


Some couples can be left overwhelmed with the number of beautiful venues, talented photographers, cake makers and creative florists they have to choose from. Both Briohney and Debbie believe that putting your thoughts on paper is a great way to start.  If possible, start a Pinterest account and start pinning ideas and styles to boards.  It really is easy and once you get started, it can be hard to stop.  Flick through magazines if you prefer and start collecting images.  Over time a style and theme will rise to the top and remain strong. 


Debbie from Copper Beech recommends choosing your ideal ceremony location and reception venue first.  When choosing the ceremony location, many factors can take precedent.  It may have sentimental value and be meaningful to your family, or a ceremony location may just suit your style.  If you are looking for some inspiration, Debbie suggests taking a look at WedShed.  With just over a year in the making, they are an online platform exclusively designed to give you access to hidden locations.  Amy  & Mel from WedShed have made a living out of building a business around exactly that.  Amy says “We use the word ‘venue’ loosely – our spaces range from woolsheds to warehouses and everything in-between.” Also, “You can discover amazing places that allow you to bring in personal touches and make the venue a true reflection of you.” Debbie goes on to say “This service enables couples to bring with them specialists in the industry, and being given the opportunity to create beautiful florals at an individual destination is a wonderful experience.”



 A recommendation can be worth its weight in gold.  Many venues have preferred suppliers that have styled or worked with the location before.  They understand what works and what works well.  It’s not to say that every wedding should be the same, as unique weddings are what challenges creative spirits and generates a fresh approach and outcome.

Lastly, Briohney suggests, “Listen and be open minded to advice given.”  “Seasonality and availability can dictate choice, but not necessarily change the look and feel of your day.” Briohney goes on to say “As an experienced floral stylist, some of the most beautiful weddings I have created have been the ones that the bridal couple have entrusted me with full creative vision

Article written By Debbie and Briohney and published in the  September issue of Property Pantry Photography by John Benevente