Styled to Sell

It seems that bringing in the professionals to style your home when you are selling is becoming more and more popular.  So popular, that most clients would not hesitate in doing it again… and again.


Debbie and Briohney of Copper Beech, The Flower Merchant bring together the fresh elements needed to give your home that personal touch.  Fresh flowers, lush indoor feature plants and beautifully scented candles bring warmth and freshness to a beautifully styled home.  Every week, Briohney and Debbie are on site replacing and refreshing stunning fresh flowers in your home. Arranged on site and tailored to your budget, they get it right time and time again.

A recent client ofCopper Beech called Julie of Mona Vale commented that syling her home for sale was the best decision.  “The furniture hire company brought in the most beautiful furniture and soft furnishings, the colours were amazing and they used furniture, art and furnishings that I would have never thought about using” explained Julie. “The flowers Debbie & Briohney styled were so beautiful and exotic, I looked forward to what they created each week for my dining table, the whole house smelt gorgeous”

“When I am selling my next house, I will definitely be back in touch with the girls at Copper Beech”



I like to think that styling your home still has a sense of you.  Lets not create sterile and un-lived-in looking properties.  Keeping homes fresh and inviting is paramount, so that prospective buyers can envisage themselves living in your space.  I think back to when I was buying my property I live in now and when I first walked through the door.  I looked at the living room and visualized myself sitting there with a cup of tea or entertaining friends.  I saw myself in the kitchen and something just clicked into place.  We spend so much time looking for that perfect house with a long list of ‘must haves’ but at the end of the day… it’s the feeling you get and the sense of ‘a home’ that some how just clicks and says THIS IS THE ONE, this is where I want to be, right there on that sofa .  I think back to my list of ‘must haves’ and this house only ticks a couple of the boxes but it does tick the box of feeling right.