Green is the New Black

As we all know, fueling our bodies with all things green is a proven way of detoxing the body.  Green smoothies are the latest trend and blending up all sorts of green plants and fruits like kale, spinach and avocados just to name a few, is one of the easiest ways to get the nutrients we need to live a healthy life. But did you know that you can also detox your body with the simple house plant?

Well it’s true.  Back in the 80’s, NASA ran a study on ways to clean the air in space stations.  Results proved the beautiful green indoor plant provided a natural way of eliminating from the air significant amounts of toxins such as Benzene, Formaldehyde and Trichloroethylene.   At school, we all learnt, that plants release oxygen, the gas we breathe in, and absorb carbon dioxide, the gas we breathe out, this process is called photosynthesis.  It make sense to surround ourselves with plenty of indoor house plants to clean the air we live in daily.

Think back to the days when you were on that beautiful drive through the mountains or country side.  You stop, get out of the car to take a few photos and gaze at the views and smell the fresh air.  Once out of the car you can’t get enough of that fresh, fresh air.  It tastes great, it smells great and it opens up your eyes.  How good does that feel. 

Briohney Anderson from Copper Beech, The Flower Merchant, has been using the humble indoor house plant in her floral styling of properties for sale for years and has some top tips to share with us.

“Any space is suitable for a beautiful green indoor plant, however, I love to use them mainly in the bedroom, bathroom and living areas.” Said Briohney.

At a recent styling project in Mona Vale, Briohney said “Here we have used three different types of plants to not only decorate, but to remove the toxins that can linger within a bathroom. Hanging them in a vase encased in a macramé basket, creates a great aesthetic feature.”

Having good quality indoor air is very important, especially since so many of us spend so much time inside.  Briohney has a few favourite plants that she finds work well for homes.

The Sanseviera, or Mother-in Laws tongue has long strappy leaves, it’s striking and hardy. The Golden Pothos works well hanging in bathrooms or living rooms and Fiddle Leaf Fig is a beautiful feature plant that is hardy and unique with its large paddle shaped leaves.

As featured in July 2015 issue of Property Pantry