Styled to Sell

It seems that bringing in the professionals to style your home when you are selling is becoming more and more popular.  So popular, that most clients would not hesitate in doing it again… and again.


Debbie and Briohney of Copper Beech, The Flower Merchant bring together the fresh elements needed to give your home that personal touch.  Fresh flowers, lush indoor feature plants and beautifully scented candles bring warmth and freshness to a beautifully styled home.  Every week, Briohney and Debbie are on site replacing and refreshing stunning fresh flowers in your home. Arranged on site and tailored to your budget, they get it right time and time again.

A recent client ofCopper Beech called Julie of Mona Vale commented that syling her home for sale was the best decision.  “The furniture hire company brought in the most beautiful furniture and soft furnishings, the colours were amazing and they used furniture, art and furnishings that I would have never thought about using” explained Julie. “The flowers Debbie & Briohney styled were so beautiful and exotic, I looked forward to what they created each week for my dining table, the whole house smelt gorgeous”

“When I am selling my next house, I will definitely be back in touch with the girls at Copper Beech”



I like to think that styling your home still has a sense of you.  Lets not create sterile and un-lived-in looking properties.  Keeping homes fresh and inviting is paramount, so that prospective buyers can envisage themselves living in your space.  I think back to when I was buying my property I live in now and when I first walked through the door.  I looked at the living room and visualized myself sitting there with a cup of tea or entertaining friends.  I saw myself in the kitchen and something just clicked into place.  We spend so much time looking for that perfect house with a long list of ‘must haves’ but at the end of the day… it’s the feeling you get and the sense of ‘a home’ that some how just clicks and says THIS IS THE ONE, this is where I want to be, right there on that sofa .  I think back to my list of ‘must haves’ and this house only ticks a couple of the boxes but it does tick the box of feeling right.

The Perfect Peony

Pretty, fluffy, fragrant and a must have.  That’s how I would describe one of the most beautiful flowers available. The humble little peony has come a long way to become one of Australia’s most sort after flowers.

A history that goes back to ancient Asia

Peonies have a long history in Asia initially used for traditional and contemporary medicinal purposes.  Peonies have been the subject for many artists throughout Asia with each country and culture having its own distinctive contribution to the overall story of Peonies.  Festivals are held each year in China to celebrate the blooming of these beautiful flowers. The Chinese name for Peony is sho yu which means ‘most beautiful’.

Availability and Seasons

In Australia, we are lucky to have dedicated growers supplying the market with stunning Peonies for a solid 6 weeks of the year.  Withweather circumstances sometimes a little hard to call, the availability of Peonies can change rapidly.  Debbie from Copper Beech says “Maybe this is what makes them so appealing, some weeks the flower market is full of Peonies and then some weeks not a bucket in sight”  “Is this why we love them so much?”

It’s hard to say, but Australia’s love and in particular Australian Brides love for Peonies, is giving Roses a run for its money.  We meet with many Brides and talk about desirable wedding flowers and Peonies are requested time and time again.  Luckily at particular times of the year we have access to imported varieties from Holland for our Brides.

Interesting facts

There are two distinct groups of Peonies : the herbaceous and the tree. They are native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America. The Peony represents wealth and honour and is regarded as the omen of good fortune and a happy marriage, understandably, this is why they are the flower for the 12th Wedding Anniversary.

The white Peony is one of the oldest remedies in traditional Chinese medicine.  Pennyroot is the part valued in Chinese medicine to treat conditions such as convulsions.

You can expect to pay between $20 and $50 for a bunch of Peonies, depending on the season.  Choose them when they are a tight bud and watch the transformation of multiple petals before your eyes, it is truly a beautiful flower that blooms for 6-8 days.



Unique Weddings

The wedding industry is large and diverse and has many variables.  When two people decide to unite in love and become a couple, creating the most amazing and wonderful special day to be remembered is something dreams are made of.

“When my husband and I were first engaged, I knew, that when planning our day, it was going to be a simple, relaxed, coastal experience.” Says Briohney Anderson from Copper Beech.  “The ceremony location, style, feel and of course the flowers were all elements I wanted to be perfect, I found it was a way of expressing myself, my taste and my love of coastal elegance.”

 “Being a Florist, in the wedding industry enabled me to know where and how this amazing day was going to unfold but getting the finer details right was still an immense task, yet rewarding achievement.“ 


Some couples can be left overwhelmed with the number of beautiful venues, talented photographers, cake makers and creative florists they have to choose from. Both Briohney and Debbie believe that putting your thoughts on paper is a great way to start.  If possible, start a Pinterest account and start pinning ideas and styles to boards.  It really is easy and once you get started, it can be hard to stop.  Flick through magazines if you prefer and start collecting images.  Over time a style and theme will rise to the top and remain strong. 


Debbie from Copper Beech recommends choosing your ideal ceremony location and reception venue first.  When choosing the ceremony location, many factors can take precedent.  It may have sentimental value and be meaningful to your family, or a ceremony location may just suit your style.  If you are looking for some inspiration, Debbie suggests taking a look at WedShed.  With just over a year in the making, they are an online platform exclusively designed to give you access to hidden locations.  Amy  & Mel from WedShed have made a living out of building a business around exactly that.  Amy says “We use the word ‘venue’ loosely – our spaces range from woolsheds to warehouses and everything in-between.” Also, “You can discover amazing places that allow you to bring in personal touches and make the venue a true reflection of you.” Debbie goes on to say “This service enables couples to bring with them specialists in the industry, and being given the opportunity to create beautiful florals at an individual destination is a wonderful experience.”



 A recommendation can be worth its weight in gold.  Many venues have preferred suppliers that have styled or worked with the location before.  They understand what works and what works well.  It’s not to say that every wedding should be the same, as unique weddings are what challenges creative spirits and generates a fresh approach and outcome.

Lastly, Briohney suggests, “Listen and be open minded to advice given.”  “Seasonality and availability can dictate choice, but not necessarily change the look and feel of your day.” Briohney goes on to say “As an experienced floral stylist, some of the most beautiful weddings I have created have been the ones that the bridal couple have entrusted me with full creative vision

Article written By Debbie and Briohney and published in the  September issue of Property Pantry Photography by John Benevente

Spring Into The Market

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to inject new life into your property.

A first impression counts and if you want to stand out in the street the easiest way is by giving the front of your property an overhaul. Start by taking a walk down your street towards your property.  What’s the first thing you see? Is it the gate? Is it a flowerbed? Or is it the driveway? What needs colour, life and a bit of attention?  In today’s ultra competitive market, giving your home street appeal is paramount and the easiest way to do this is by adding good quality plants that create visual impact.

Visit your local nursery and ask for advice.  They are helpful and generally have a wealth of knowledge.  Let them know about the location.  Is it sunny? Does it face west? And what plants are already in your garden.  Take photos and show them what you’re working with.  Get adventurous and have fun.  Larger plants create impact and smaller textural plants bring it all together.  Once at home, plant your new plants either early in the morning or late in the afternoon and remember to water well after planting in.

Debbie Braund from Copper Beech has a genuine love of gardens and knows first hand how important it is to maintain and refresh in spring.  Debbie says “Giving your garden a simple overhaul is something that many people don’t do. It’s an important element and we are lucky to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle that enables us to spend many hours in the garden. Debbie goes on to say “If you are selling, putting a little tender loving care into your gardens can be a very cost affective way of appealing to a wider market.”

Pruning, weeding, mulching are three of the most important things to do at this time of the year. It’s quite surprising how much larger and more presentable your garden will look by just doing these three jobs. Pruning before spring encourages new growth, weeding allows your plants to shine and neatens up garden beds. Lastly, mulching keeps the weeds at bay and finishes off all your hard work.

More of Debbie’s tips are remove or store old plastic pots and gardening tools.  Just like indoors, its important that the garden does not become the place to store unwanted items.  Experienced de-clutter expert. Louisa Thomas from The Finishing Touch says “Removing mess and chaos is the biggest turn off for your buyer, spring is the perfect time to renew, refresh and clean”

Let’s carry those wise words outside into the sunshine and spring clean our gardens ready for summer

Green is the New Black

As we all know, fueling our bodies with all things green is a proven way of detoxing the body.  Green smoothies are the latest trend and blending up all sorts of green plants and fruits like kale, spinach and avocados just to name a few, is one of the easiest ways to get the nutrients we need to live a healthy life. But did you know that you can also detox your body with the simple house plant?

Well it’s true.  Back in the 80’s, NASA ran a study on ways to clean the air in space stations.  Results proved the beautiful green indoor plant provided a natural way of eliminating from the air significant amounts of toxins such as Benzene, Formaldehyde and Trichloroethylene.   At school, we all learnt, that plants release oxygen, the gas we breathe in, and absorb carbon dioxide, the gas we breathe out, this process is called photosynthesis.  It make sense to surround ourselves with plenty of indoor house plants to clean the air we live in daily.

Think back to the days when you were on that beautiful drive through the mountains or country side.  You stop, get out of the car to take a few photos and gaze at the views and smell the fresh air.  Once out of the car you can’t get enough of that fresh, fresh air.  It tastes great, it smells great and it opens up your eyes.  How good does that feel. 

Briohney Anderson from Copper Beech, The Flower Merchant, has been using the humble indoor house plant in her floral styling of properties for sale for years and has some top tips to share with us.

“Any space is suitable for a beautiful green indoor plant, however, I love to use them mainly in the bedroom, bathroom and living areas.” Said Briohney.

At a recent styling project in Mona Vale, Briohney said “Here we have used three different types of plants to not only decorate, but to remove the toxins that can linger within a bathroom. Hanging them in a vase encased in a macramé basket, creates a great aesthetic feature.”

Having good quality indoor air is very important, especially since so many of us spend so much time inside.  Briohney has a few favourite plants that she finds work well for homes.

The Sanseviera, or Mother-in Laws tongue has long strappy leaves, it’s striking and hardy. The Golden Pothos works well hanging in bathrooms or living rooms and Fiddle Leaf Fig is a beautiful feature plant that is hardy and unique with its large paddle shaped leaves.

As featured in July 2015 issue of Property Pantry

Styling your house for sale

With so many recognisable styles in today’s society it is hard to know which style category your property might fall in to – Midcentury, Coastal, Hamptons, Rustic, Contemporary, Modern , Traditional.  The list goes on, but one thing is certain – styling a property for sale can make all the difference in achieving a higher sale price.

At Copper Beech, The Flower Merchants, we specialise in the art of styling your home with fresh flowers and plants. We have the design skills and creative knowledge to give your property the visual edge for all your open house viewings. 

 With the current northern beaches style trend focusing on coastal Hamptons, nothing compliments this style more than fresh elements throughout all areas of your home.  Styling can be as simple as a textural leaf in bottle vase, a cluster of fresh ripening pineapples or an impressive vase filled with tropical palm fronds and ferns.  Introducing these elements creates a natural sense of freshness, complimenting the crisp lines and natural hues of a coastal home.  With winter approaching fast, creating a warm and inviting home should be at the forefront of your mind.  Cozy nooks with wing backed chairs, luxurious throws and beautiful linen cushions, give any prospective buyer a feeling of homeliness and warmth.


Colour palettes of stormy blue/grey, rich yellows and emerald /garden greens bring the outside in to brighten up the indoors and help connect the entire decorating theme.


Something not to be forgotten is that you are selling your home and we think it is still important to remember that, you have lived there and you want the buyers to feel at home as soon as they walk into your property. Minimalist may be a popular decorating trend that works in warehouse conversions and more modern homes but when you are selling a family home where your children have taken their first steps, swam their first lap in the pool and played their first cricket match in the garden you want to be able to relate this feeling of comfort and homeliness to your potential buyers so they can visualise themselves living in your home, sitting in front of the fireplace, enjoying the pool or cooking up a storm in the kitchen entertaining friends. The buyer you want is the one that has already virtually moved in before they even make a bid.



Copper Beech is the brainstorm of Briohney Anderson and Debbie Braund. We are trusted names in the industry and based on the Northern Beaches with a combined 30 years experience in styling. Winning multiple awards and having our floral styling featured in many magazines, we know what it takes to style your home to help you achieve your best price.

Text taken from the Copper Beech, The Flower Merchants feature in the June issue of Property Pantry

Pineapples... What is the real deal?


Posted on 14/05/2015

We recently styled a property and they requested Pineapples for the kitchen bench… They had seen the pineapples on our website and used in previous installations.  Isn’t it funny how the humble little pineapple can have such a following… I’ve seen pineapples so many different ways and I’m not talking pineapple fritters ! although they were a favourite of mine from Ocean Master at North Narrabeen beach.. but that’s another story. Pineapple lamps, candles, vases… you name it .. its Pineapples all the way. here are a few pictures of Pineapples the Copper Beech way.. hope you enjoy.. Debbie and Briohney