When two creative minds come together, the result can be explosive and the passion intoxicating.


Copper Beech was born out of the need to work with natures beautiful elements. Working with flowers is not something we feel we can ever stop doing.. it's inside us, it's all around us and we need to let the creations come to life



Briohney Anderson - Artistic Director

From as young as 11 years old, I had the feeling of wanting to know and learn all there was to know about flowers. How they smelt, felt and looked consumed my every thought. So to feed this interest I contacted the local flower shop and ended up “helping out” on a Saturday morning. My pay of course was flowers, and I would take them home and practice arranging them all over the house. This interest and passion is still embedded in my skin over 25 years later.

After finishing school, I became a junior florist at one of Sydney’s largest floral chains. This is where I learnt good old-fashioned floristry skills.  After 12 years of services, it was time to head out on my own. I opened a beautiful boutique flower shop in Willoughby, on Sydney’s North Shore. Winning multiple awards, creating hundreds of stunning weddings and building a extensive corporate portfolio is just an over view of my achievements during my 11 years operation of the store. After much deliberation, I decided to sell the shop and resume my family commitments.

Early in 2014, after one of our monthly luncheons, Debbie and I decided to join our passion for flowers and created Copper Beech, The Flower Merchant.

The next chapter in my life as a florist has started, who knows what it may bring? My happiness in life continually grows, just like a flower.


Debbie Braund - Artistic Director

Debbie's love of the colourful and fragrant world of flowers began when she first left school working for a passionate and very energetic stylist.  Initially starting as a junior florist and gaining qualifications of Certificate 2 and 3 of Distinction in Commercial Floristry at Ultimo TAFE, she then managed the business for 4 years..
Taking herself off to London and further afield, Debbie continued her journey and love of flowers and fresh blooms.

A career change into hospitality and later recruitment diversified and highlighted Debbie's organisational skills and professionalism. Debbie would often find that when she was visiting large corporations in the city she would be gazing at the floral arrangements in the foyers. The love of design never left her heart.

Debbie's passion for styling with flowers is as strong as it ever was and joining forces with Briohney was a natural progression that just seemed to gel.  In 2017 Debbie completed studies in Visual Merchandising, Styling, Colour and Photography and was successful in being accepted on a Global Study Tour to New York just before Christmas 2017.  An incredible hands on experience to engage and work along side Stylists, Visual Merchandisers, Florists and Event Production teams.

Debbie specialises in the organisational side of events.  She thrives on attention to detail to achieve the look and feel the client is after and getting it right on the day. Her favourite flowers are the David Austin Patience Rose,  Molucca Balm and anything organic like sticks and logs covered with moss and lichen.


Briohney Anderson

Debbie Braund


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You are welcome to come and visit our gorgeous styled shop in Balgowlah.  We have fresh flowers, indoor plants, gifts, jewellery, candles and more.  Phone us if you would like us to create a gorgeous styled bouquet for delivery or pick up. ph: 8964-1751

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